Training without structure is futile!

Managed Coaching Programs

Our Managed Coaching offers you a structured training program to permit you to optimize your performance within the boundaries of your individual lifestyle, goals, ambitions and needs. Our methods allow you to achieve your best possible results the most efficient time-frame, without pushing your health beyond safe limits. We combine a deep understanding of you and your goals with structured High Intensity exercise routines that we can shape to produce the results you seek. Our program incorporates a series of training sessions including load and recovery monitoring with ongoing personal supervision by a professional coach.

Time is your most precious commodity and our program will save you time. Besides telling when and how long to train, we tell you when you need to rest.  We can detect early signs of over-training and stress and will recommended rest days based on your current physical state.  Enjoy your rest days and the extra time it will give you! Your performance will improve steadily as your body gets the recovery time it needs.

Training without structure is futile and ultimately demotivating when harder work seems to produce poorer results! We will reverse this and motivate you to reach ultimate performance levels. 

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