The more we ride, the more we enjoy riding, but the greater the likelihood we will start feeling discomfort, especially as the miles mount, time in the saddle increases and we start to push harder. More often than not the resident group wag will advise us on "raise saddle up, longer stem or new saddle" and start the process of frustration and confusion.

Eventually you will be advised to get a proper bike fitting done. But this isn't the end of it because these days, just about everyone is a bike fitter. Unfortunately.

Good fitters on the other hand, are very hard to find - the profession of bike fitting requires training, application and mostly, experience. It is not something that can be left to a machine or a series of measurements and a computer. Predictive fitting is just that - measuring different parts of a rider standing up, sitting down or lying prone, feeding these measurements into one or another "Fitting Program" and arriving at a suggested fit for the rider. This relies on mining a database to arrive at average measurements for the person with those particular dimensions. The more any of these fitting systems claims in terms of accuracy, the less they should be believed. It is mathematical averaging and at best gives an average fit. We are all unique and physiological dimensions are a relatively minor element in a proper fitting.

There are only 2 crucial elements in proper bike fitting - rider comfort and rider efficiency.

Dynamic Bike Fitting looks at the rider in motion, on his bike. This, together with a clear understanding of the rider's experiences, injuries, flexibilities, physical structure, disciplines, riding loads and goals will permit an experienced fitter to arrive at a far more accurate fitting for the individual rider.

A good bicycle fit will provide three outcomes:
1. Increased comfort
2. Increased performance
3. Reduced risk of injury

Bikefit offers the premier bike fitting service in South Africa in terms of our facility, experience and expertise. We leave nothing to chance and DO NOT rely on any predictive or prescriptive measurement/calculation to establish your proper fit. Everything is established dynamically with the aid of motion-capture analysis tools (video capture of you riding your bike/bikes) in conjunction with in-depth physical assessment where required.

Our bike fitting experience and understanding is second to none!

The result:
Becoming one with your bike