Reduce stress related injuries

Studies have shown that improving overall body alignment helps improve biomechanical efficiency and reduce the incidence of stress injuries. 

Pain can be caused by problems related to incorrect alignment as well as poorly fitting insoles and shoes which in turn can place your feet in unhealthy positions, impairing foot function, mobility and further negatively affecting overall body alignment.

In addition improved biomechanical efficiency will have a significant impact on athletic performance, particularly in a sport such as cycling where the foot/pedal interface is the primary transducer of leg power into bicycle speed.

Comfortable and well-fitting sports footwear increases inner confidence and makes your activities more enjoyable. When you don't have to worry about your feet you can focus on the moment and reach your goals!

FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles are individually custom moulded to each foot offering dynamic support to your feet without unhealthy excess rigidity, providing improved comfort and pain relief.

We are an accredited Footbalance Fitting Studio and can quickly and accurately mold custom footbeds for your individual foot shapes and for any of your performance shoes.