Achieving a proper union of rider and bike

We consider Dynamic Fitting to be the most successful method of achieving a proper union of rider and bike. It doesn't need lasers, goniometers, plumb bobs or nodal video capture to work. While these are useful tools, like any other data accumulation, it requires an experienced eye and a deep understanding of pedaling dynamics to separate the data from the truth. 

With proper bike fitting you are ALWAYS in the hands of the fitter!!


Good fitters stand the test of time. They exist more on referrals than advertising their professionalism. Working with them becomes a way of riding; progression, consistency, injury-avoidance, performance! We pride ourselves on being recognized by professional bike fitters around the world as being of the highest caliber. 

Your Dynamic Fitting comprises

  • An information exchange with your Master Fitter to establish your riding experience (history, exposure, legacy, preferences)
  • An understanding of your discomforts, pains, injuries and limitations
  • A physical examination to establish skeletal idiosyncrasies or pathosis
  • Riding on your bicycle on an indoor trainer at moderate speed and under a moderate load
  • Being videoed from both the front and side to capture rider dynamics for detailed analysis (slow-motion etc)
  • Viewing the motion capture with explanations by the Master Fitter and an assessment of dynamic conditions giving rise to pain, discomfort or injury
  • Receiving recommendations on changes required to the existing setup
  • Making agreed changes to the bike
  • Riding your bike with the changes in place
  • Videoing the new pedaling dynamics for comparative assessment
  • Viewing the before and after pedaling dynamics to understand how the changes have impcted the results
  • Discussing the path forward with your Master Fitter

All Dynamic Fittings are guaranteed by us: Each customer will receive a 3 (three) month grace period of free labour for any tweaks or changes that need to be made to achieve a satisfactory outcome.