Coaching Pricing

Pricing is inclusive of the following:

  • Twice-weekly indoor training on your own bicycle in our indoor studio. This includes ongoing coaching and assessment of pedaling gait and pedaling dynamics to achieve optimum efficiency and comfort.
  • Management of your overall cycling progress including suggested weekend routines
  • E-mail coaching advice (athlete-initiated) but excluding in-depth training data analysis
  • Racing advice where appropriate
  • Ongoing access to our coaches and fellow athletes for support, encouragement and friendly competition

Packages are available in 6 or 12 month options:

Program Per-month Cost                               
6-month R900
12-month R800


Ideally we require a Heart Rate Monitor that can measure Heart Rate (HR) in either HR numbers (BPM) or preferably, percentage (%) of HR maximum. Some HR monitors also measure TE (Training Effect or Heart rate variability) - these are by far the best training tools available for accurate training and recovery.

Training is done on road bikes - we will supply the requisite skewer for proper fitting on to the indoor trainer. Where athletes do not have a road bike we require a MTB fitted with a slick tyre - knobbies are not permitted. We have a limited number of in-house road bikes available for use by athletes requiring this.