Body Composition/Lifestyle Assessment and VO2 Test

To properly structure your training we prefer to have some detailed information about you. This includes information about your health, lifestyle, work/stress load and of course, your starting fitness level. To this end we offer a full Body Composition/Lifestyle Assessment including a VO2 Test to establish baseline measurements. This will permit accurate detailing of training zones and indicate areas of focus for proper improvement and best results.

All testing is done in a custom studio with Medical Grade equipment and under the direction of a qualified medical health care practitioner.

Personal Sporting and Health Information
On the medical side we will weigh you and measure your height, blood pressure, resting pulse and full body composition including skinfolds, blood sugar and cholesterol and flexibility measurements. We will also need a detailed medical and stress history. Where circumstances warrant, we will insist on a full blood screening and physical check-up report from your GP.

We require a history of your sporting endeavours, history, milestones and achievements. We want to know about your current goals and ambitions.

VO2 testing is done on a computerized cycling ergometer and follows best-practice methods in accurately measuring your fitness level. The testing is conducted by a biokineticist and will reflect both VO2 and accurate HR training zones based on your responses. We recommend periodic re-testing as accurate training management is dependent on measuring results as we progress.

Body Composition/Lifestyle Assessment and VO2 Test Pricing

Testing is done by prior appointment only and is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Price: R 450-00 inclusive of a full report (sent by E-mail)

We have a practice number so costs can be claimed back from Medical Aid.