Hi Mark,

Firstly let me tell you, if you haven't already figured it out, that I am a pragmatic, results driven and somewhat hard to please. Not a good combination of personality traits, I know.

Anyway, the guys at Bikefit have been pretty amazing in all respects, from the friendliness and willing to give their best to their professionalism, I cannot fault you.

You made slight but meaningful adjustments to my bike set up and the training pushed me to new levels of performance, all in the short space of 6 weeks. Always in good spirit and never over the top.

The result: a 2hr:46min, 94.7 this past Sunday. Not bad for an old man!

You guys rock, thank you for your hard work.

Kind regards


Hi Mark,

Hope you had a great weekend.

Last week went well.  You will see that I've finished it off with the 94.7 yesterday.  I was very comfortable on the bike.  You will see that I had to jump a few uphills just to stay with the group but otherwise it was easy with a training effect of 3.9. Can't believe I rode a 2h41 and still felt so good.

My legs felt good this morning and I continued with my training- 1h30 on the trainer.  For the first time I can feel my legs are getting use to spinning fast and my back side wasn't even sore.  You are a good coach ;-)  I'll push the hours up this week.