Our "Time To Train" program will revolutionise the way you train

Get what you deserve: Race the way you train

Cyclists love the thrill of competition. Every one of us has an idea of our ability or riding level and pretty much every one of us wants to ride better. We measure ourselves against our friends, our enemies, family, colleagues, our age group, our gender, the world!

And we ride to maintain our form as well as to improve

But sooner or later every cyclist comes to realise that simply getting on a bike and riding does little for our performance. This is because improved performance derives from structured training. We realise this because eventually our hard work doesn't seem to translate into consistent improved results.

Not only this - most cyclists only have a vague idea of their cycling aspirations and have little idea of whether or not their aspirations are reachable (given their busy lifestyles) or whether they are aiming too low (given their talent or ability).

And there are hundreds, if not thousands of training programs out there, none of them suited to the goals or lifestyles of the individual cyclist. There is also very little clear understanding of how training works and even less common knowledge on how to find out. So the confusion multiplies.

We aren't going to coach you to train like a pro or perform like a pro (unless, of course, you are one of the pro's we coach); rather we will evaluate your potential within the constraints of your job, your lifestyle, your goals and ambitions and we will structure a framework for improvement which allows for the intrusions of your non-cycling life. Our training system has been refined and developed over many years and is the result of an ongoing experiential learning process as we accumulate more research data and follow and understand the changing face of newer training methods and scientific research.

In short, our "Time To Train" program will revolutionise how you can apply your efforts in the most meaningful, efficient and productive manner. 

Our results speak for themselves! Experience the motivation of structured training and meaningful application of proper work, and the results this brings. Call today!